How Does it Work? Episode 15: The WristWatch

The WristWatch is a mechanical marvel of the twenteenth Century, combining Newton’s 4th law of Objects in Motion, which states that “when anchored to a central place, arms will spin in a clockwise rotation”, and Harmine’s 2nd Law of Accessories, The Law of Choosing a Comfortable Arm.  The WristWatch is not so much an invention as it is a solution to the age-old problem of “why do I gotta keep reaching into my pocket alls the time?”  The most interesting thing about the WristWatch is how it tells you the time.  But the MOST interesting thing is how it works on the inside:  Gears stacked upon gears stacked upon gears, linked to more gears stacked upon gears stacked upon gears, each held up by painfully tiny metal rods.  And you just make the gears different sizes in relation to their ratios of time throughout the day.  Then spin away, you crazy diamond!  Each gear is also correspondenced to an arm of time on the surface of the watch.  After this has been accomplished, months of careful preparation time by dozens of specialists are dedicated to placing the display section at exactly the right angle so that 12 isn’t way over on the side.  And then of course, the WristWatch is clasped, using any number of very slightly annoying means, to hold the WristWatch to the Wrist.  And that’s really how it works…. IN TIME!

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