Hughenden – City of Hidden Beauty

Hello from Hughenden!

Here it is!

Nestled in the South-Eastern region of Alberta, rising above the landscape like a blade of quack grass rises slightly above a lawn of ordinary grass, is a gem of a town called Hughenden.  Founded in 1743 by a trio of Franciscan monks, Hugh Chapeau, Ennis Mault, and, (as legend has it) the world’s only sentient Denver Omelette, Hughenden derived its name from their three first names combined, HughEnDen.

We're open. No, really, we're open!!!!

Current population -12 (everyone is out of town at the moment), the main industry of Hughenden is custom windows and doors made entirely from plywood.  Unfortunately, when the first (and only) restaurant in town had completely made over their storefront with these unique plywood fixtures, business ground to a halt, with all visitors to the joint restaurant/confectionary assuming it was closed permanently.  Can you say, “refund?”

Now, Hughenden’s best public attraction is the town library/used book store/internet cafe/public restroom/plumbing supply store/volunteer police force recruiting centre/school/daycare/photo booth/laundromat/liquor store/un-authorized AMA branch/town hall/museum/kennel/jail.  It’s at Ted’s house (not pictured for legal reasons).

"Well, if we sell all the books, we won't have to keep the library open!"

If you’re wondering where all the residents of Hughenden are, look no further than the next town down the highway.  Each summer the whole town goes on a field trip to a better town so they have something to talk about for the rest of the year.


-John Davis, inventor of the spiciest pepperoni stick ever made.

-Tad Grenwich, bronze medal, adult tricycle 500M trials, 1972 World Championships of Unexpected Transportation.

-Hal Hefford, pretty good guy.

Anyway, I miss you all back home, I’ll write again when I get to the next exciting town.


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