How Does it Work? Episode 10: The Minivan

As far as vans go, the minivan has to be one of the smallest.  You can chalk this up to technological smallening, or nanotechnology.  The minivan has many of the features of a regular car or van, except it’s not!  First of all, the standard 4 and a half seat arrangement has been drastically altered in the interest of people who can’t stop having babies.  Secondly, a roof that normally slopes back down to the butt-end is adjusted to make head-room where there is usually trunk room.  Eat your heart out, Professor Albert Einstein!  Unfortunately, there is some nasty folklore that says only the mothers of child-aged soccer players drive minivans.  This kind of demented thinking is the only thing holding the minivan back from being the most celebrated vehicle sub-type in the civilised world.  Nevertheless, car scientists and small-van enthusiasts will flock to minivan museums for years, to marvel in the wonder of these fantastic machines.  Plus, lots of them have DVD players and little TV screens inside them.  Holy smokes!  With all these incredible features in the minivan, it’s a wonder that it can still fly, just like the bumblebee.  But at least now you know how it works.

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  1. 2:53 am, October 31, 2009taylor  / Reply

    I can fit probably around 3 horses in my minivan. And at least like 5 chickens in the cracks between them. And now I know how it works! That is amazing.

  2. 2:57 pm, February 3, 2010Willbo Bagsmoke  / Reply

    When I have a babies, I’ll make them watch their tvs in the minivans and not insides the houme! Thanks for the effort!

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