How Does it Work? Episode 9: Pollution

If there’s one thing that makes the world a gross place, it’s definitely pollution. Pollution can be defined as something that makes the world a gross place. Some examples of pollution include chocolate bar wrappers, car exhaust, and anything made of lead, pretty much. Unfortunately, people really like buying pollution. The tricky thing is that pollution is always disguised as something really cool, like a chocolate bar, or a sweet new car, or anything made of lead. But something happens after someone buys those things, it magically turns bad. How does it work?  Well, when we don’t have something, that thing seems great, but once we have something and use it, it’s not so great, and voila! Pollution! Thankfully we invented recycling, which is a process of turning things we don’t want anymore into things we feel guilty if we don’t buy. This process of guilt induction is the magic ingredient to solving the problem of pollution. Another solution would be to disobey the laws of physics, but the Police of Physics are pretty tough, and I don’t want to even get into it.

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  1. 2:50 am, October 31, 2009taylor  / Reply

    Yeah! Save the environment: plant shit!

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