How Does it Work? Episode 7: Plants

Plants are all over the place, but some people say that isn’t enough. Plants come in all different sizes. Some you can step on, and some that are way bigger than the average guy. Most plants are coloured green, because that’s how nature tells us what’s an animal and what isn’t. If it’s green, it’s probably not an animal, so no worries if you’re out in the forest and you see something green, because hey, it isn’t going anywhere. Plants live off mostly dirt, but ironically, dirt lives off mostly plants, so it’s just a game of back and forth. Plants also like water a lot, and several plants need sunlight to activate the food-eating process. It’s kind of like a microwave and kraft dinner in a way. That’s pretty much how plants work.

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  1. 7:08 pm, September 1, 2009taylor  / Reply

    Can I make requests for an upcoming episode of one of these? I’d love to know how microwaves work. How is it that when I put stuff in the box it gets hot? What is it? Magic? The Greenhouse effect? Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this contraption.

  2. 12:44 pm, September 2, 2009Admin  / Reply

    Ok, microwaves are pretty simple. I think that can be done.

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