How Does it Work? Episode 6: The Telephone

The telephone, or “smellophone” as it is humourously referred to in certain circles, is one of the seven technological wonders of the 20th or 19th century. Nobody really knows how it was invented, probably because things that amazing make really good secrets. The telephone is a thing that your voice can go through, like a paper towel roll, or puberty. To demonstrate how a phone works, take two tin cans, and connect them with a string. Then, watch what happens when you talk into one of them.  A good can always knows when to listen.  Anyway, this is a good way to tell if your string is made of telephone cable.  If it isn’t, you will hear a beep-beep-beep coming out of your leftover Ragu.  That’s pretty much how a phone works, I guess.

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