How Does it Work? Episode 5: Flight

Flight is the act of things going through the air and not touching the ground a lot.  Flight can also be achieved over water, but it is a little harder.  At first only things like birds and bees could fly, and scientists thought it had something to do with sex, but it didn’t unfortunately.  Now, thanks to Jerry Bernoulli, flight is possible for all kinds of things.  The key is to make air go really fast and really slow, on either side of a thing, like a wing, or a box.  This makes the one side lighter than the other, and bingo, flying box!  (Watch out for landing boxes.)  The Wright Brothers were the first siblings to try flying together, and it didn’t work very well, because they were always bickering on who got the window seat.  Also, Wilbur was a big fat guy, so he was chosen to stay on the ground while his brother Orville was flying and inventing microwave popcorn, the second-best invention after flight.

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