How Does it Work? Episode 4: Ducks

Ducks are an animal that have been around since the dinosaurs died.  Some people think that’s just a coincidence, but others believe ducks were the cause.  Ducks are really adept at scavenging food, especially food that dinosaurs used to eat.  Also, the duck’s size is to its advantage, as it is considerably more small than the most famous of dinosaurs, the Tyranosaurus Rex.  Tyranosauri Rexium (plural), or, T-Rexes, had really big mouths, with a lot more teeth than the duck.  Which made it harder to taste the difference between nuts and grubs, which are the main dietary staples for both.  T-Rexes are the awesomest of all dinosaurs, real OR fake.    To fully explain how a duck works, you would first need to understand flight, which will be covered in Episode 5.

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