How Does it Work? Episode 2: Hurricanes

Hurricanes are big wind circles that start in the ocean and end on land.  Wind is the enemy of the ocean, and so the ocean tries to push hurricanes toward hills and trees where the wind feels more comfortable.  Hurricane winds can reach up to 200km/h, which is not quite as fast as a child’s sneeze.  This is why you can’t catch a cold from a hurricane, so that’s good news.  Most people who say that hurricanes are dangerous live on the coast, and they’re just mad because the ocean  is usually pretty nice to them, bringing them bottles with letters in them, and wet logs, and Swedish piano players.

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  1. 10:11 am, May 23, 2009Adam  / Reply

    Next time a hurricane comes I’ll leave my face mask on the bedside dresser. Thanks for this!

  2. 7:43 am, May 24, 2009Admin  / Reply

    Knowledge is power. And power is cleanliness, which is adjacent to godliness.

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