Podcast 0: The Golden Record

When earth-borne spaceship Voyager 1 was propelled out of our own atmosphere, and into the nothing, it carried a Golden Record of terrestrial musical recordings, in the hope of finding alien ears, or at least human ears from the future.  The Golden Record was filled with what was considered timeless earth music, like the Brandenburg Concerto #2, and The Well-Tempered Clavier, played by Canadian pianist Glenn Gould.  One can only assume the latter was a song about a Clavier that had an excellent temper.  There were also traditional songs, chants, and incantations from around the world, as well as greetings in a multitude of languages, and “earth sounds.”

Thus: In the spirit of the Golden Record, and its international roots, I send my own musical fancies into the ether(net.)  This is a song entitled “Gimme Space” and I trust that, with current and future Internet-caching/documenting technologies, this audio outreach will survive, encoded in a series of ones and zeroes, in perpetuity, or at least for as long as I, or anyone directly related to me, is alive.

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